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The Butchery

We are exclusive suppliers of award-winning Harmony Farm Beef here in Jersey.

We have a wide range of fresh cuts available, and also supply a large range of Lamb, Pork, Bird and Game products. 

Our professional team of Butcher's prep, cut and hand make custom orders 6 days a week.


Visit our butchery, browse our frozen section or dive head first into our chilled products for all your delicatessen needs. We understand how complicated running a professional kitchen can be. Your business needs someone behind it when things don't go to plan, when you're growing, pivoting or in need of special products. We have built a loyal customer base by routinely going above and beyond for our clients in those unforeseen moments.

Sourcing unique products on an island can be a challenge. We work with many of our clients to source one-off products, buy in bulk or even store items until they are needed. We have a wide network of UK wholesale suppliers that can source any product you need.

Irish Beef

The majority of our Beef products are from award-winning Harmony Farm, Ireland.


Harmony Farm takes pride in serving only the best beef. Cattle are selected from the finest pastures and processed with strict quality control procedures. 
We feel it is essential to offer a high quality, consistent product, so our customers know they are receiving and serving a quality product with confidence. Our range includes fresh Entrecote, Fillet, Ribeye – all can be purchased whole or cut into steaks. We make fresh lean mince daily, diced beef, and fresh burgers in various sizes. Cheaper cuts like rump and topside are always available.

New Zealand & English Lamb

Throughout the year we supply New Zealand Lamb and fresh English. Both are high quality and popular cuts include legs, best ends - French trimmed, and Shanks.


Fresh Pork can be purchased in various cuts from a Whole Suckling Pig to a Pork Chop. As Hog Roasts continue to be popular with events, its no problem to supply you with a whole or half Pig. Legs of Pork, Pork Loins on the bone or off of the bone, Pork Chops, Belly Pork and Pork Fillets are all popular cuts.


There is nothing better than fresh homemade sausages, we have various flavours, including Cumberland, Pure Pork, Pork & Leek, and (our favourite) Pork & Honey. You can also purchase Cumberland rings portion controlled.


We purchase and import fresh Whole Chickens, Chicken Supremes, and Chicken Fillets several times a week to ensure the products are always fresh.


If you are arranging a catering event our butchers are more than happy to marinate products in various flavours for you.

Other chicken products available are drumsticks, thighs, carcasses, and wings.


We can supply you with pre-cut Gammon Steaks and Whole Joints ready for cooking. These can be boned and rolled and netted.

Turkey, Duck & Game

We hold in stock Whole Ducks in several sizes along with Duck Breasts and Duck Legs, Male & Female. Gressingham products can be ordered on a weekly basis to fulfill your requirements.

Other game available includes Quail, Geese & Pigeon.


Whilst we hold stock of Turkey all year round they are usually large catering stags and breasts.

In the run-up to Christmas, we pre-order and stock fresh retail turkeys ranging from 5kg -15kg, fresh, and bronze birds.

You can simply ring us in November & December and prebook your Christmas turkey and we will make sure it's here for the big day!

For caterers who don’t wish to cook a whole turkey, you can purchase turkey breast or request for your whole bird to be boned and rolled and even stuffed.


Fresh Calves Liver is always available for you to purchase whole or sliced. Veal Topside, Chops & escalopes are also popular

Chilled Items

From Mortadella to Manchego, our growing selection of Deli products are used by some of the Island's most reputable caterers. 

We source our products from producers throughout Europe and are always on hand to help source any products our customers may require.


From Austrian Smoked to Breaded Baby Camembert, we have a wide selection of the classics & artisan cheeses available. 

Deli Meats

Look no further for the three pillars of Italian Charcuterie; Pancetta, Proscuitto & Pepperoni. All Italian. All delicious.

Jamon Reserva, Mortadela or Milano anyone?


Lets toast to Pâté! French Ardennes, Chicken Liver or Duck Pâté, we have it all.

Pies and Pastries

Our selection of Deli Pies', pastries & sausage rolls are guaranteed crowd-pleasers. Even for the vegetarians & vegans*

Provencal Bistro Canapés, Parisien Bistro Canapés, and Luxury Seafood Selections available just to name a few...

A varied selection of handmade Quiches including our bestseller; Brie, Sun-dried Tomato & Red Pepper are on offer. 

Canapés & Quiches

No Deli experience would be complete without good bread & biscuits.


That's why we stock Sourdough Boulet, Rosemary Foccacia & Gourmet Bakers Selection.

Artisan Breads & Biscuits

Frozen Foods

At La Collette we stock a range of healthy flash-frozen products that make cooking with healthy ingredients quicker & easier.

Increase your daily intake of fruit & vegetables by keeping a stock of frozen, prepped items in your freezer to add to any dish at any time.

These products are grown, selected, prepped and flash-frozen to meet the highest professional catering standards.

We stock whole frozen Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, diced Mango & much more.

We also have over 10 different types of Fruit Puree from Strawberry to Coconut. No additives, no extra sugar, just pure frozen pureed fruit great for smoothies, cocktails, and desserts

Frozen Fruit & Purees

Why not keep a stash of Sliced Onion, Cut Leeks or Sliced Carrots in the freezer to add to any dish your cooking?

We also stock Diced or Sliced Peppers, Mushrooms and much more....

Our personal favorite? Avocado Cubes! Perfect for Smashed Avo on toast, added to a salad, or in a Smoothie.

Frozen Vegetables

Our Smoothie Mixes are only 100% fruit, no additives. Diced and ready to go in the blender or added to a fruit salad.

Our Superfood Mix with Kale, Mango & Coconut is very popular!

Smoothie Mix

Get more grains & pulses in your diet without the hassle of soaking and long cooking times. 

Yellow Split Peas, Puy Lentils, Pearl Barley, Chickpeas & much more.

We also stock a range of ready to eat Beans including Butter, Black Turtle & Cannelloni

Dried Veg & Pulses

What could be better than fresh-baked bread for your sandwich?

Keep a selection of Part-Baked Bread Rolls, Mini-Baguettes, or Paninis in your freezer and after 8 mins in the oven, you'll have just that!

We also have Sourdough, Focaccia & Brioche options for you to have at home

Bread & Rolls

Fresh baked Croissant & Pain au Chocolat in the morning?
Keep a bag of each in your freezer for quick and easy breakfasts to die for.

We also have Donuts, Muffins & Cupcakes that defrost in minutes for a tasty treat or late night snack..

Sweet Bakery

Grocery Goods

Our dry-store range contains essential day-to-day grocery lines from basic cooking ingredients, to the more specialised recipe components you just can’t do without;

From tinned goods & cooking sauces to tea & coffee and breakfast cereals, we offer a wide range of ready-to-go items!

Everyday Basics

We offer a wide range of stocks, bouillon and gravies; a crucial add-in to any hearty meal.

Flour and Baking Ingredients are readily available for those who prefer the oven instead of the pan.

Cooking & Baking

Did someone say seasoning?

No meal is truly complete without a touch of herbs, a dash of spice and a pinch of seasoning. We also offer condiments, pickles and preserves.

Cooking Must-Haves

Cleaning Goods

We stock all the cleaning essentials you'd expect to find including foils, wraps, and cleaning products at competitive prices.

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