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Our healthy eating list compiled by

Dr. Marie-Christine Dix

20 Assorted fruit yogurts
1 Large tub (20kg) Greek yogurt
1kg Exotic smoothie mix (mango, pineapple and passion fruit)
3kg Porridge oats
30 Fresh medium sized eggs
1kg Greek feta cheese
0.125kg Fresh mozzarella
5kg Fresh chicken breasts
12 Tins of chopped Italian tomatoes
2.5kg Spinach leaf
1kg Frozen avocado cubes
2.5g Sliced frozen peppers
2.5kg Frozen whole baby carrots
1.4kg Halkidiki Olives marinated in chilli and garlic
1kg Edamame beans
1kg Frozen strawberries
0.450kg Frozen blackberries
1kg Frozen blueberries
1kg Frozen diced mango
1kg Superfood smoothie mix (kale, mango, coconut)
1kg Freeze dried banana chips
1kg Halved walnuts
1.25kg Quinoa and chickpea Moroccan salad
1kg Dried cous cous
1kg Oriental stir fry mix
3kg Wholewheat fusilli pasta